Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thing #23: Conclusion

Overall, I feel that the successful completion of 23 Things has benefited me, overall. I now possess a more-comprehensive understanding of the Web 2.0 phenomenon and how it can be applied in my workplace.

If a similar program were to be offered in the future, I would almost certainly jump at the chance to participate.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Thing #22: Downloadable Audiobooks

Personally, I was surprised at the selection of downloadable audiobooks available, especially the selection of 19th century literature that Project Gutenberg had available.

Thing #21: Podcasts

Regarding library functions, nothing podcast-related struck me as particularly advantageous over, say, an informative website or text-based RSS feed, though I imagine that a regular library news podcast may be potentially useful (or at the very least a novel idea) for some customers.

Thing #20(b): Review of YouTube

Things that I like(d) about YouTube include the fact that the site can provide hours of educational entertainment (edutainment; see the video in the previous post), as well as the ability to find commercials/videos/etc. that one hasn't seen in years (and may or may not need to find in order to win a bet).

Negative aspects of YouTube include the fact that the site can be a hotbed of both copyright violation (as with pretty much any Web 2.0 site), as well as all sorts of garbage (both videos and commentary regarding the videos of others), posted by nigh-illiterate troglodytes (as with pretty much any Web 2.0 site).

I personally don't see YouTube being of any particular use to a library system, unless it were to fit some sort of specific role in some sort of promotional campaign.

Thing #20: Youtube

I found this video long ago. I hereby deem it to be worth adding to my blog, since I find it entertaining, as a bizarre hybrid learn English/aerobic exercise program.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thing #19: Award-Winning (And Award-Nominated) Web 2.0 Sites

The Web 2.0 Site that I chose to explore was, a site best known for finding a) housing and employment opportunities, b) opportunities and services that can, should, and shall go unmentioned in a work environment, and c) people attempting to buy, sell, or trade the strangest things.

My favorite discovery is that of someone attempting to trade most of a chocolate cake for a sock.

Thing #18: Online Productivity Tools

I'm posting this with Zoho, an online word-processing dohickey. I'm neither particularly impressed nor disappointed with either Zoho or Google Docs.


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